Lips Augmentation

Lips augmentation is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The procedure is quick and safe. You will be taken care of by trained staff and filler specialists. We use only high-quality, researched and safe fillers. Fillers can increase the fullness of your lips, correct the asymmetry or just deeply moisturize them. Our goal is always to achieve natural and beautiful results in line with your wishes. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. The procedure area will be numbed by cream or local anesthetic so that it is as pleasant as possible.You can go home right after the treatment and there is no need for recovery time. Swelling and bruising can be effectively prevented with cold. Any redness in the injection site will disappear in a couple of days. The final result will be visible in about a few weeks. 

Non-surgical RHINOPLASTY

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an innovative method in which the shape of the nose can be corrected with the help of fillers. This method has gained great popularity all around the world for being fast and easy way to shape the nose. Fillers offers the costumer a painless alternative instead of expensive surgical operations.

Nose filler can be used for example in the following cases:

  • Evening out nasal bumps and irregularities ·
  • Correction of small defects of the nasal tip (removal of irregularities, lifting of the nasal tip) ·
  • Correction of the base of an angular nose·
  • Evening out bumps or improving the shape of the bridge of the nose·
  • Correction of asymmetrical nose·
  • Improving the results of nose job

The procedure takes about 20 minutes. The results will be visible immediately. Swelling and bruising can be prevented with cold after the procedure. After the procedure there is no need for recovery time. Fillers used in the non-surgical nose job can guarantee good results that lasts from six months up to several years.

Sometimes deep under-eye bags require a second treatment after about 2-3 weeks. The effect of the procedure lasts from half a year to up to two years. 

To smooth out laugh lines in the corner of the eye, the primary treatment is botox. These procedures are nearly painless. If the client requests, local anesthesia is also available

Under eyes

The most common problems to treat in the eye area are dark under-eye circles. Dark under-eyes are caused by thin skin around the eyes. With thin skin the blood vessels are see-through. When wrinkles and lines start to consist around the eyes, the under-eye bags start to be more visible. Of the treatments we offer for under eyes, PRP treatment or high-quality hyaluronic acid for under-eyes works the best.

By injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin around the eyes, the lines and blood vessels disappear. The look brightens and the face gets a healthy and rested look. The procedure is almost painless, and you can see the results immediately after the injection. The final result will be visible in about two weeks.